Every city has got their “Town Originals”. Some of them are funny, philosophical, serious, strange, inconceivable or all at once. We pass them every once a while and for a moment they have got our full attention…

And even we never talk to them, when they have gone we miss them, cause they become a part of our daily routine. So happend to Emil Manser the best known “Town Original” and street-philosopher in Lucern.

Portrait Emil Manser

In Lucern there is the Güüggali Zunft which takes care off the “Town Originals”. Cause their life got often crossed by a tragedy. On the homepage of the Güüggali you will also find a list of all the “Town Originals” in Lucern.  http://www.gzlu.ch/html/originale.html

Does something like this exist in your city? If so let us know.


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