I’ve been doing some research about Lausanne these days and discovered some pretty interesting things that people who have lived here for many years may have not even heard of.

Here is one of them…

As I was enjoying a nice day by the lake, in Ouchy, yesterday, I remember I had read about an over-50-years-old cemetery for dogs, which was supposedly situated in the gardens of the Beau Rivage hotel. It was said that dogs of wealthy hotel guests were buried there, as well as Coco Chanel’s dog.

I decided to investigate and get proof of this, since I was so close. It was something I needed to see to believe.  My friend came along with me, quite skeptical about what I was telling her.

Not exactly sure what we were looking for and what this cemetery could look like, we explored the gardens of the Beau Rivage. I had read that this cemetery was a discreet spot set up among the trees. We were obviously not looking in the right place and decided to ask the hotel reception, anxious that they would find our request a little strange. The receptionist was actually not surprised at all. Instead, she kindly and proudly indicated that it was right to our right when we walked out of the hotel. We were obviously not the only ones who were curious to see this.

After a short stroll in these peaceful gardens, we came along a series of small gravestones scattered on the grass. Some of these stones were no longer readable, the years seemed to have wiped the inscriptions away. On others, inscriptions such as “Boulichou 1939-1954″, or Youyou, or Max. This dog cemetery does exist… and owners showed all their love to their pets on some of these gravestones.

Whilst walking away from this peaceful little place where dogs were resting, I found it ironic to find a sign saying “Veuillez tenir les chiens en laisse” (Keep your dog on a lead) only a few steps away!










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