Last Friday, I came across some really cool puzzle-shaped sugar !

The next day, whilst visiting the famous Duomo cathedral in Milan, I noticed a lonely puzzle piece on floor. I was puzzled! Coming across puzzle pieces two days in a row made me want to dig out a few possibilities of what could be done with puzzle shapes… and I figured the patterns could be used as cool elements of interior design.


Were you looking for an idea to furnish your house?

In line with these cool sugar pieces by Can A Suc, you could opt for nice puzzle shaped coasters on your coffee table, also of puzzle shape of course.


Now that you’ve got the coffee table, you can decorate it with some puzzle candle holders, which you can shape as you like.










Serve your guests some tapas. There’s a (puzzle) piece for everyone!











Away from the table, you might still be able to find the missing pieces of the deco, with these puzzle hooks at the entrance, for example…












…these cool shelves for storing all your child’s favorite… puzzles!









A rug you could enjoy putting together…









And why not decorate your wall to match all this?  :-)


Now that we’re done with the deco, let’s have some sandwiches…  😉



Coasters: http://www.saveur-biere.com
Coffee table: by Patou Fine Art
Candle holders: http://mtrlgirl.blogspot.ch/2006/02/my-partylite-order.html
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Sandwiches: http://cutestfood.com/473/sandwich-puzzle/

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