Meeting up with Dimitri Burkhard from Newly Swissed

At Helvetiq, we love Switzerland and all those things related to it. It seems we are not the only ones… !


NEWLY SWISSED is a social media agency specialized in branding, copywriting, marketing and public relations.

Their flagship BLOG covers lifestyle topics related to Switzerland: Culture, design, events, oddities and tourism. Anything you need or want to know is there, and if you want to stay posted regularly, you should probably press “like” on their Facebook page!

Newly Swissed will notice what you have may not have noticed in Switzerland: Did you know that train announcements always begin with the language of the departure place? Which famous people have been spotted in Switzerland lately?  Things to do, places to see, discussion on every day life in Switzerland… Newly Swissed does not seem to leave anything out and they like to hear from you as well if you have something to share!


We met up with Dimitri Burkhard, founder and chief editor, and wanted to know more about him. He agreed to answer the unconventional questions we asked him…

What’s your favorite word?


What is your favorite curse word?

Gopfetoori! (a Swiss German expression…)

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

I would consider myself a creative as I never have the problem of running out of ideas. For me, being creative means playing with the concepts of simplicity and sleekness. I guess it is no coincidence that my favorite font face is Helvetica…

My inspiration for simple design can be found in my photography, where I tend to look for straight lines and sharp angles in composing a frame. Also, I prefer to write in the most concise manner possible to get my point across. And when it comes to my favorite dish, sushi, it has got to be “simple”! By this, I mean the traditional kind of nigiri without any fancy ingredients…

What was your childhood ambition?

Drawings from my childhood confirm my memory that I wanted to be a medic on a REGA rescue helicopter. The slightest “thump thump” sound in the distance made me jump and scan the sky for a helicopter. Ironically, I have yet to fly on a chopper…

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I would like to run a World Café with sounds, newspapers and photographs from all over the globe. This would allow me to interact with travelers, locals and world citizens, and I could read newspapers every day. Even though I consume most of my news on the iPad these days, I am old-fashioned when it comes to newspapers…

What profession would you not like to do?

I would never like to become a defense attorney…

What’s your favorite retreat?

I guess I have many retreats all over the world, because I really love hanging out at Starbucks! With a grande latte and a newspaper, it feels like the best retreat ever!

What’s your indulgence?

On the “food” side of life, I confess to being a seaweed nori gourmet! I especially like the Korean kind as it is slightly salted! When it comes to gadgets, I usually cannot resist anything that starts with the small letter “i”…

What’s your favorite spot in Switzerland?

It is not just the sound of the name “Montreux” which makes me want to be there. The sun-kissed setting at Lac Léman, the Mediterranean lifestyle, the music and the friendly locals bring Montreux to the top of my list of Swiss hideouts!

Who would you like to see on a new Swiss banknote?

Roger Federer, who else?


One Response to Meeting up with Dimitri Burkhard from Newly Swissed

  1. Dimitri,

    We could be twins! I commute between Ventura, CA,( where I live) and Montreux, CH, three or four times a year (where I lived for a few years in the past). Montreux to me is exactly how you describe it, Man! I’m creative as well and never run out of new ideas. My childhood ambition was to design automobiles, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Starbucks is my place to relax, though I’m the only one in there without a laptop (free WIFI per tutti!). iPad yes, but I, too, like reading magazines from all over the world. Being an avid tennis player myself, Federer is my man as we come from the same hometown ( I showed him the ropes, he he!)

    I love to fly in a helicopter, too, and do so often, flying over LA during rush hours with a traffic surveillance pilot is something a Swiss cannot imagine: 5,5 Mio cars on the road all at the same time!

    Only time we differ is on the favorite swear word: mine starts with an F and ends with a K, and our age: I’m 69 and still love to go on the wildest roller coaster rides with my crazy kids and grand kids, and do occasional bungee jumps!
    Hey, there’s a word for people like this (keep it for yourself!!)