De la délicieuse douceur de l’hiver en Suisse

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It’s winter distinguishes Switzerland and I’ll tell you why. While in others, it is earth until the first sweets of the year in the Alpine regions, we will get them above the clouds. Add to that the small inns with breathtaking views, the restored cottages to spoil, baths carved into the rock and other follies of the genre. No need to convince.

And when you fall on the new “Quintessences – The places that delight the winter – the best of the Suisse Romande” Emilie Veillon, you end up naturally out its agenda and to book a few weekends par- here and there. This guide offers some classics such as Weisshorn but especially new unfamiliar places, just (re) opened or restored.

We posed some questions to Emily.

Who are you? A young woman who still believes in fairies and elves and gnomes. What’s your thing? What is beautiful, true, true. Did you’re pretty winter or summer? Both. Summer for the singing of crickets in the tall grass, the trips by car in the South listening to Nostalgia, Lake Geneva sailing, festivals … We plan to guide a summer! The winter oysters, weekends at the cottage with family, the cottony silence, nocturnal walks between the blue snow and the evening star.

Guide is something acquired or innate in you? intuition that leads to unusual and hidden places is probably innate. By cons, find the right words to describe them, it is learned.

How long does it take to write a guide? four months I spent on this first edition. It took all imagine. The title of the collection, line graph, the theme, the choice of addresses ..

And above all, is what this book is autobiographical? No. But against, it has shots totally subjective hearts. Addresses have not paid anything for inclusion in the guide. Are you sure you went to the Brevine WINTER ?! What temperature was it? No, this guide was produced in the fall. It was still soft. The people I have wonderfully described their winter, as the smoke that rises vertically above the chimneys of the village, so the air is dry, windless, making them as the cold more bearable.

When you do your research, you announce the input color? or rather not? Yes, primarily for people who are at the head of the places provide a little time for me. I like that they tell me why they chose this place and how they gave him a little extra something.

What is the typical Swiss style in your opinion? Simple but charming places. A map of the region. A warm welcome. Address found this kind in less frequented stations who can cultivate authenticity.

Which project do you could not refuse, if you were offered the? Him a guide on New York, on the crossing of the United States or the best ashrams and Asian spas.

White Wolf in The Brevine, the Siberia of Switzerland

The book, on sale in all good bookshops in western Switzerland precisely.

The facebook page of the book is here .

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