Helvetiq Goes To New Lengths

Right now, we have three games that we are very excited about: NYCIQ, LondonIQ, and MusicIQ. Each of these test your IQ in the areas of Music, New York, and London through interesting, thought-provoking trivia questions, and we can’t even begin to tell you how much we have learned so far! We are so inspired; we want to continue expanding our knowledge (and yours!).

In order to give you, our audience, the information you want about certain topics, we have created three communities that will focus solely on all things New York, Music, or London.


Go take a look at our Twitter accounts MusicIQ, NYCIQ, and LondonIQ, or even our new Facebook sites at MusicIQ, NYCIQ, and LondonIQ to see for yourself! (We recommend opening the links in new windows!)

Have you seen the new lineup for the Paléo Festival, or are you stuck on ways to spend the Summer in New York or London? We can’t wait to give you tips and tricks to keep up on what’s new.

And let’s keep the conversation going!

We’re looking forward to seeing your responses, comments, and thoughts on each of these pages. Go ahead, what are you waiting for?!

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