The Best Pop-Ups of NYC

A few days ago, we wrote a blog post about the best pop-up shops so far in London. Now, we’re going to cross the Atlantic, and travel to New York. Here, we give you, the best pop-up shops in New York City.

What is a Pop-Up?
For the last year or so, we’ve been hearing about these “pop-up” shops appearing all over New York, but what exactly are they? Pop-ups are a trend that involves “popping up” one day, then disappearing anywhere from one day to several weeks later. These shops, while small and temporary, can build up interest by consumer exposure. Pop-up retail allows a company to create a unique environment that engages their customers and generates a feeling of relevance and interactivity.
Here are the top shops we’ve noticed so far in NYC.

1. Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab: 
This pop-up first appeared in 2013, but has remained one of our favorite shops until this day. Finding the right lipstick can be tough: color, texture, wearability… it’s kind of a headache, really. At the new store, staff will help you build a custom lipstick creation. You’ll start by blending a personalized pigment, and then select a matte or sheer finish. You can even drop in a flavor, if you so choose (cherry, mint, or berry, for the record). With their lipstick machine, you’ll mix, pour, paint, and mold your custom ‘stick in just ten minutes. O ya…Did we mention this shop has now converted to a permanent store, which means custom lipsticks forever?



2. Havaianas: 
In this temporary shop, the pop-up sold a huge selection of Havaiana sandals that had never been seen in such a quantity before. They also provided a “Make Your Own Havaianas” station to provide store patrons with an even more unique experience.



3. Wired Store:
Have you ever taken a photon shower? Did you even know there was such a thing as a photon shower? The wake-you-up invention was just one of many ultra-cool things you could browse at Wired’s annual holiday pop-up shop. The Meatpacking district installment features truly one-of-a-kind items, including home electronics, kitchen gadgets, clothing, and outdoor gear. It was like visiting a museum of the most highly desired tech items of the year.



4. Soludos: 
This year, don’t miss the yellow van stationed at Pier 57 all summer long. Not only can you snag a pair of the brand’s signature, flat espadrilles, but you’ll also get a sneak peak and a chance to buy their new beach wear.




5. Birchbox Holiday Pop-Up: 
Last year, Birchbox, originally an online store for the newest beauty products, went offline. The store sold a wide range of beauty products and even offered additional services such as up-dos, makeovers, and nail art. Hopefully, this quirky shop will resurface sometime this year.

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